Diy Pond Filter - Roor Carbon Filter - Lx3 Uv Filter.

Diy Pond Filter

diy pond filter

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Rubbermaid 300 Gallon Pond 1

Rubbermaid 300 Gallon Pond 1

My next great project! I'm planning on creating an above ground pond with a Rubbermaid 300 gallon stock tank for goldfish. I had to rent a truck from HomeDepot because my Tacoma was way too small. The good thing about renting the truck is that it was only $19.99 for 75 minutes and $10 additional hours.

pond reflections INFRARED

pond reflections INFRARED

Following up on my last crafty geekery post, I decided to find another use for old floppy disks I found in the trash. This time I decided to make an Infrared Filter for my old Canon IXUS 800i point & shoot camera.

diy pond filter

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